The Misfortunes Of Carrie

The Misfortunes Of Carrie

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"Did you know Drama lowers I.Q? Intelligent people keep smaller social circles." I tell him, throwing another grape in the air and catching it in my mouth. 
"If that's true, then you and I should be geniuses."
Carrie Edwards is an enigma. Mysterious, beautiful, good taste in fashion and undeniably shy. She's the ultimate introvert, but she cannot be classified as a good girl. Then again, she's not exactly a rebel. Her favorite color is purple and in 8th grade, she threw up on the blind kid in the middle of a presentation on Dolphins. That's about all anybody knows about her. Hidden beneath a blanket of PTSD and social anxiety is the quirky, insensible, headstrong and sarcastic girl who lives life with an internal monologue of  comebacks she doesn't actually say. 

Alec Kendrick, smoldering hot, very typical stereotyped bad boy. No, he's not rich with absent parents, nor is he poor and struggling to provide for his family. He has two brothers and a baby sister, who he gets a smite bit over protective over. Alec likes his motor bikes, leather jackets and the occasional back talk to the teachers, plus picking a couple of fights and some drinking. 

Admittedly, so he's not a total angel either. 

These two very different people would probably have not even crossed paths if it wasn't for a mixed up folder, a weekend lost in the woods, a stolen copy of an embarrassing tape, crazy siblings, dancing best friends and of course, some sparks. 

Who knows what happens next?!
Mancheston Series , Book Two. CAN BE READ SEPARATELY
Not edited, working on it. Some spelling and grammar errors.
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I'm gonna imagine her as "Carrie" from "The Carrie Diaries" let's gooooo  #ftr
cuocakeEATS cuocakeEATS Oct 17, 2017
Lol I scrolled through the comments only to realize I commented the same thing two years ago #rereader
Cay_Luhs Cay_Luhs Aug 20, 2017
I'm glad she isn't judgmental like a lot of female protagonists now a days.
I thought of my queen Nicki "at the bottom of Wakikiiiiiiii"
NoEsBuenoErinNurse NoEsBuenoErinNurse Sep 25, 2016
I have bike. Doesn't have motors but it has tassels and a basket
zozizzlemynizzle319 zozizzlemynizzle319 Dec 23, 2016
..I'm just scared of the person driving, and I mean their experience