Different Shades of Love (BWWM)

Different Shades of Love (BWWM)

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"Mason, I love you to the moon and back. You and Kayleigh are my world. You are my caramel queen and she is my tan princess. When the baby comes along, he or she, will be my tan princess or prince. I don't know what I would do without you love bug, please forgive me?" He says. I look into his eyes and they are filled with hope, love, and they are pleading for me to forgive him. 

"Trent listen, I don't kno-" he cuts me off with a kiss filled with so much passion. My heart just melts and Kayleigh runs up to us and say, "Mwommy and dwaddy kissy kissy." We pull apart and laugh at her cuteness. "You better be lucky Kayleigh saved your ass from a lecture."

Mason Moreau Ross is what you call a hard working woman. She is married to Trent Ross with their beautiful baby girl Kayleigh. They have a lot of people hating on their relationship. Why? She is black and he is white. She is a doctor and he owns multiple businesses. They are a good couple, but every couple goes through problems. Read to find those problems. 
*First time writing a book on here, It is good. Please read. :)

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lunerowl27 lunerowl27 Feb 12, 2015
because I thought that Mason was a boy and that Trent was also a boy 
Kendallmariie Kendallmariie Dec 17, 2014
Aww they're so cute! I'd be mad if my parents just showed up unannounced too