You are the Answer {boyxboy} ✓

You are the Answer {boyxboy} ✓

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Riley's life had not been easy since he came out. His parents kicked him out of the house, his brother turned his back on him and a sadistic potential boyfriend held his arm over the lit fire, laughing as Riley screamed in pain. But that is in the past now. Born an optimist, Riley decides not to give up on life and through a challenge of bravery, he crosses paths with Rhys.

• I'm currently uploading Rhys' POV on this story - We are the Answer

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I'm really excited for this story. It was always a dream om mine to own a coffee shop, I actually felt excited how he described making people feel happy when he did his job. This is really awesome.
If you can make a joe Biden face for me, I'll pay you triple what it's worth
OML I love werewolf stories 🙃 This was a pleasant surprise! Thank you💞
I'm french and i'm not as well in english so I don't understand  all but I really like what I understand, I'm in a hurry to read the 1st chapter !
SkittlesWarlord SkittlesWarlord Oct 23, 2015
that last one is me. leave me in the coffee shop. i'll knit you a hat and drink tons of coffee while you go broke, mmkay?
litttlecuttie litttlecuttie Sep 21, 2015
Cute... I never read the tags so it's a surprise for me that it's werewolf story... oh well I love the writing style so I'm gonna read it anyway...