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adopted into the family 2p f.a.c.e x tween reader

adopted into the family 2p f.a.c.e x tween reader

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ELIZABETH 'aka ohio (on hiatus) By child_of_hades1997 Updated Aug 09, 2016

Your pov

You ran down the street your night gown flying out behind you. You are covered in mud and grass stains. So much in fact that the once white nightgown is now dark. You look behind you and see the headlights of your fathers car. He had found you after you had ran away three weeks ago. You run until you cant run anymore and head into a dark building. You close the door behind you hoping that he hadn't seen you run into the building. You stand there panting trying to catch your breath.

" 'ello poppet how did you find this place"

You look up to see a pair of eyes looking at you. Your eyes widen hoping that you hadn't burst into a ganga hideout.

"Please let me stay just until it's safe" you say

"Why wouldn't it be love" the man in the shadows say

"My father he wants to take me back home"

"Why would he be doing that"

"All he does is yell at me even if I did nothing wrong"

"Well poppet whats your name" he asked

" (f/n), (f/n) (l/n)"

"Well nice to meet you (f/n) my name is O...

Lunarfoxx Lunarfoxx Jun 16
Rika: John, john Cena
                              Oliver: wut...
                              Rika: Bond, james bond
                              Oliver: I believe he's a British spy
                              Rika: Rika, Rika Shinozaki
CydneyStone CydneyStone May 13
Fun fact,they say when you have a concussion you will start smell burnt toast.
                              Thank God,it's a concussion.
Mercynium Mercynium Jun 28, 2016
Ish that maple i smell?*sniffs air* yeeeeeshh it is..with a hint of blood *blacks out, mumbles in sleep* my brother ish here...
VioletKirkland15 VioletKirkland15 Jul 17, 2016
Adim:What's a ganga hideout?
                              Violet: I'm the Doctor, Doctor Who
TheDeathOfBenadette TheDeathOfBenadette Jul 02, 2016
Matt ain't gonna be happy yo messed with his stuff....AND HE'S MY FAVORITE CHARACTER GOD DAMNIT!!!!
Assassin_Queen1310 Assassin_Queen1310 Apr 25, 2016
Donald. Donald trump
                              God I should burn this right now...