[Editing] The new kid (Ouran High school Host club X Reader)

[Editing] The new kid (Ouran High school Host club X Reader)

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Jamie By Sweet_sacrafice Completed

Hey guys! I am completely editing this story! So there will be many grammar and spelling fixes and possibly stuff to fill up any plot holes. Also some fixing around on how the MC came to be in the Host Club. So for now enjoy it, and I hope you can all patiently await the new and improved version! Thank you! - The Author


Rich, intelligent, dashing good looks. Requirements of a host. Or so you think.

The host club is not as narrow minded as you believe it to be. Compassion, romance, chivalry, sympathy, content. The host club is more than just a pretty face.

As soon as you joined the host club you regretted every second of it, hoping your parents would help pay for damage costs. Spoiled, clumsy, awkward. You are the very opposite of a host. You struggle widely with conversation, and flirting is not exactly your forte. No matter, the host club boys are here to help!

On your journey you learn about hardships, heartbreak, and the amount of work that goes into being a host. Once you come out there's no going back to who you used to be. Follow the host club members as they take you on as their newest apprentice, teaching you the ideals of hard work and patience. That spoiled kid we met before will transform into something truly wonderful. The host club assures you.

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JustKawaiiThings JustKawaiiThings Dec 10, 2017
Did you just assume my gender. I'm a GIRL thank you very much.
redkittyforbassy redkittyforbassy 2 days ago
Am I high or what like why is the story written so strange like some sentences just abruptly stop and the start over again or some are tripled like what's going on
Sasori_of_Red_Sand Sasori_of_Red_Sand Dec 30, 2017
What if I'm actually rich af but like these clothes? Ya ever think of that Suoh?
Tamaki, If you don't get that, let me say it again......
                              I AM NOT GAY!
daggett_bulldogs daggett_bulldogs Dec 09, 2017
Absolutely one hundred percent sure you got my oc from head to toe.~💜
Primsgirl89 Primsgirl89 Jan 02
Well I'm going to pretend that is that long hair and by the way
                               you can't get me creepers