unloved sister

unloved sister

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Black_ShadowDragon By Black_ShadowDragon Completed

this is about bella having a sister who is 2 seconds younger

all the attention goes to bella and cece is left with nothing no one loves her or cares about her

Will she find love will some one care for her who knows

OMG an anime reference in a non anime related book! Good for you! 😃
BellaBea203 BellaBea203 Jul 20
I can play the recorder........ With my nose. Nobody nose that!!😝💙👍
black_163 black_163 Aug 02
❤️I love the name is perfect for the pup❤️❤️❤️
020s527 020s527 Apr 09
She just goes to the forest and howls? Not weird....at all..
How can a music department not have a piano. It's one of the only instruments that every school pretty much has
Can she be my friend I'm not a big fan of people only if I know them really well.