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The Stepsister (Camila/You)

The Stepsister (Camila/You)

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Møøñłíğhţ By hopium Updated Feb 26

So your mom died when you were fourteen. It took you and your father two years to accept the fact that she's gone. Your father decided that it's time you guys move on with your life because your mom would be happy that he would find love again and that you will get a good caring mom to treat you the exact same way she did. Lovingly, caring, kind etc. What happens when he  gets married to a beautiful lady and she and her two daughters end up moving in with you and your dad. And you end up falling for her older daughter Camila Cabello or unfortunately also happens to be your favourite bully at school? Read to find out...

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Okay but my eyes are green kkkk but that's literally me '-' I'm scared
CallOfTheWolves99 CallOfTheWolves99 Oct 20, 2016
Everything is accurate except for the height. I'm short as hell
Ressured Ressured Aug 17, 2016
I'm either 5'6 or 7 but other than my age everything seems pretty accurate
alphazebra27 alphazebra27 Nov 23, 2016
Everything is good except I'm 5'7 and going to be 16 next week
Unicorn-Queen16 Unicorn-Queen16 Nov 18, 2016
Hair:brown and short
                              Eyes: brown
                              Gender: I'm a unicorn biissshhhh
                              Lol almost all right
heart-incisions heart-incisions Oct 08, 2016
truee I do love singing and I love to write lmao mostly songs tho