Guns Don't Kill People...But They Sure Do Help

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Elizabeth By bettyboo125bo Completed
Due to her father getting a higher paying promotion, Naomi Scott is the new girl at a new school. Everything seemed to be going great: she meets new people, a hot guy likes her, she even gets invited to a party her second day! What could be better? Well, at the party her life starts to quickly go down hill, and Naomi's put in a position where she's too scared to even check her mailbox. What happened at that party? And when will she finally get the courage to face her fears?
                                    me: *nervously laughing* what? what kinda question is that?
It's my second time reading this story and I'm still loving it! Good work
This was a really good story. Keep up with the writing because its very good and you're very talented. I hope you make it far in life.
u know therez an actual actress named naomi scott shez really pretty
..... 0_0 damn i need to go to bed... ill read the rest tomorrow!