30 Reasons To Die [#1]

30 Reasons To Die [#1]

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In which a girl writes down a person for 30 days explaining how that person killed her 

First book in the Action/Reaction series.

{#2 in Short Story 2.11.15}

Cover by: @imparitea

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Deppressed_queen Deppressed_queen Sep 29, 2017
Well you told us not to be inspired by your book but you got inspired by saleena gomez's drama ....relax girl...
-snakeu -snakeu Apr 12, 2017
I secretly feel like the author for this book new 13 reason why would turn into a tv show lmao
-theliteraryfangirl -theliteraryfangirl Dec 05, 2016
This is going to be amazing because j absolutely adore thirteen reasons why and just ahhh!
Legitsingle Legitsingle Sep 11, 2016
My teacher asked me what the book was about since I was smiling a lot while reading it, but my friend in front of me was making weird  faces, and so she gets up and reads the summary, after that she looked at me weird , but it was my friends fault. Later that day she sent me to the office lol.
18daydream18 18daydream18 Dec 04, 2016
As soon as I read your description I instantly thought; this reminds me off a book I've read. So I hope I love this as much as I lived 13 reasons why 😊
SparklingNightmare SparklingNightmare Nov 20, 2015
I really want to read that book & do my English book report on it. My teacher is going to let me borrow the book from her.