Discovering Catwoman ▷ Stiles Stilinski [Book 2]

Discovering Catwoman ▷ Stiles Stilinski [Book 2]

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Jenna Felmore has had way more life altering experiences than she ever expected moving to the little town of Beacon Hills. 

Now life is even more complicated after Jenna got bit by Peter at the Winter Formal. Her wound is healing but slowly? Does that mean she is going to be a werewolf or is something weirder about to be brought upon the little gang? 

That doesn't help her feelings any either. After both of them confessing their true feelings but Jenna backing off, Stiles is even more determined to show her that he likes her. 

Follow Jenna as she goes through even more self discovering and maybe even a little romance along the way.

BOOK ONE: Needing Batman
BOOK TWO: Discovering Catwoman

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karlaleylalu karlaleylalu Nov 03, 2017
can i actually read a teenwolf fanfic with a totally normal human being as the oc
1-800-YouNeedJesus 1-800-YouNeedJesus Aug 03, 2017
OMG, I just had a panic attack. I thought that meant that she was dead. 😨
Raizel_kaname Raizel_kaname May 26, 2017
Ugh why does she have to be naked -_- and i was happy she had on a hospital gown...
1-800-YouNeedJesus 1-800-YouNeedJesus Aug 03, 2017
They should actually be a gold, that's the normal color. She hasn't killed an innocent.
-Natty- -Natty- Dec 26, 2016
First, he literally described me and second well damn that was descriptive af
Reading-is-a-Sin Reading-is-a-Sin Mar 29, 2016