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The Blind Girl - Hunter x Hunter

The Blind Girl - Hunter x Hunter

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be-tragic By be-tragic Updated Sep 24, 2015

Yui is part of the Kurta clan but she was stolen away when she was just a babe. They stole her eyes and left her in the street to die. She survived and from that day on she did everything in her power to grow stronger. When she was nine she encountered the assassin Maha Zoldyck. Intrigued by this talented young girl he offered to train her. Yui bowed and accepted. 
Now, 16 years old and stronger than ever, she enter the Hunter Exam and everything changes. She meets Kurapika of the Kurta, a young boy with a scary lust for vengeance. What will happen now?

*A wild Bokuto hooting in the distance was the only thing breaking the silence.
officialheichou_ officialheichou_ May 25, 2016
Please kindly tell me your name.
                              ~Moments Later~
                              Thank you. *slowly closes book*
                              Justin Bieber
                              (Name of the person)
                              *book fully closed*
                              D_a_h  No_e
Kairiexeyandere Kairiexeyandere Aug 08, 2016
Why hurt a baby there 
                              Bastards ,I'm guessing phantom troupe
KurtaGirl KurtaGirl Oct 08, 2016
just wait and watch you Spiders! I swear I will slay each one of you for the sake of my Kurapika and no one else!!!!!
Well at least your profile machetes your comment
Daven118 Daven118 Jul 27, 2016
i like the old style english 
                              the old way of saying baby
                              is babe