Tutor || Percabeth Fanfic

Tutor || Percabeth Fanfic

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SheridanFangirl By SheridanFangirl Completed

In this story, Annabeth and Percy are not demigods. They are students at Goode.

Annabeth and Percy. Just some other people at school, right? Wrong.

Annabeth becomes his tutor, and they quickly become friends. Just friends, right?


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EmpressofCrazy EmpressofCrazy Sep 02, 2017
Daughter of Zeus or Aphrodite.... i don't even know how or why but the test are weird.
MrsNValdez MrsNValdez Aug 05, 2017
Daughter of either Athena or Aphrodite. 
                              Dunno which one. I took a load of tests and half of them said Athena and the other half said Aphrodite. 
Unempathetic-Monster Unempathetic-Monster May 08, 2017
Me as a YouTuber : hey what's up my trolls * throws skittles * RAINBOWS!!! Yahhhh... idk why you clicked on this video
Witch_cat101 Witch_cat101 Nov 04, 2017
Apparently I'm the the daughter of Hades and Artemis *sigh*  the tests are messed up 😂
nobodyknowsmeboy nobodyknowsmeboy 5 days ago
My name is Asherton, or you may call me Ash or simply my nincknime which is Pseudonymous B. Son of Hades.
Daughter of Aphrodite is here!! I honestly don't even know how I'm a daughter of Aphrodite though lol