Tutor || Percabeth Fanfic

Tutor || Percabeth Fanfic

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Goth Claudia By SheridanFangirl Completed

In this story, Annabeth and Percy are not demigods. They are students at Goode.

Annabeth and Percy. Just some other people at school, right? Wrong.

Annabeth becomes his tutor, and they quickly become friends. Just friends, right?


Ugh well now I just HAVE to read... You used the all powerful line
                              Because I said so
"Authors newt" haha "newt". I'm not being rude or anything, because I'm a genuinely nice person, I just thought that it was funny.
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Daughter of Ares! Man I'm like one of the only ones what does everyone have against ares
You too? I am a daughter of Hermes as well, my new half-sibling.
If it where my dad it would be Posiden, bit of it were my mom it would be Athena
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I'm Hades, or Hermes or  hypnos
                              I'm really dark and creepy, I'm very sneaky and childish, and I really like sleep so I guess my godly parent is Ha-rm-is
                              Oh, harmos l like it...
                              But I usually go with Hades
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