Childhood Status : Ruined (Slow Updates)

Childhood Status : Ruined (Slow Updates)

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JustSinsNotTragedies By JustSinsNotTragedies Updated May 02, 2016

Theories , tales, and realisations that will change the way you see your favourite kids movies, shows, books...ect

Warning : Your childhood WILL be ruined !!!

Note: theories in this book are not mine and are made by other people. I do not  own any of the theories on here!

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PleaseHelpMe012 PleaseHelpMe012 Apr 25, 2017
He's adopted remember? From England? If that wasn't true where did he get the accent?
XxYuki_FujisakixX XxYuki_FujisakixX Feb 07, 2017
O.O I never thought about that, I just thought the creators liked triangles
This_Crazy_Kate This_Crazy_Kate Jun 30, 2016
I figured that one out with my brother when I watched that episode haha
LavenderHearts72 LavenderHearts72 Jan 06, 2016
I'm still a tiny child...I still wanna read though. Loves! :)
rafenvire rafenvire Jul 14, 2015
Pfffft disclaimer...nahhh...reads on..returns. ...the terrors I have seen!