Bad Boy

Bad Boy

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xAngii By xAngii Updated May 02, 2015

Lily White never would believe that she would meet an Alpha of a pack, and she would never believe that they are soul mates.

She found herself quickly falling in love with the troubled teenager, but she quickly found herself finding out that her soul mate isn't what she expected him to be. 

He's trouble, angry all the time, and dangerous. But there's another face in the picture that catches Lily's attention, and the big bad Alpha doesn't like it.

Join Lily and Alpha Tyler through their tough journey to find out what they really want, and to also find out if they really were meant to be.

  • werewolf
leonastar7710 leonastar7710 Nov 16, 2017
Forget london boys and Americans boys, let’s talk about Canadian boys aka Shawn Mendes and Nick Bateman 😉
missy-cat missy-cat Jun 07, 2016
But then you have Andy Biersack. . .goddammit I'm just like Onision
missy-cat missy-cat Jun 07, 2016
karris- karris- May 01, 2016
I live in England and all the boys here are ugly af and once I see an American one that's hot af I'm just like why can't I live in America
Mycathasapetdog Mycathasapetdog Nov 02, 2015
Just saying in America they don't say maths they say math, same thing with Canada.
Dauntless962 Dauntless962 Oct 29, 2015
In England there are only five periods that are an hour each and a break between second and third period and also another one between fourth and fifth most schools end at either 2:15 or 3/3:30