First Ever Delinquent Girl

First Ever Delinquent Girl

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LegacyofLove By xSilentAuthorx Updated Jul 03, 2017

A delinquent girl messing around? Fine. 
A delinquent girl finding love? Impossible. 

"In this world, there are two kinds of people: The heartbroken and the heartbreakers. I chose to be a heartbreaker...or did I?" -Reagan Anderson

In this town, delinquent boys may be common, but delinquent girls are rare - there was never one in fact, not at this time and place. All girls were goody-two-shoes who'd cry easily.

Then came badass Reagan Anderson.
She earned the title of the first girl who got sent to a delinquent school - with only boys.

It was easy for them to understand each other. To others, breaking the law was bad. To them, breaking the law was freedom. She knew her life was going to be great.

But add in being fought for by the two strongest gangs, many admirers she can't choose from, finding out all her gang mates' pasts, living with two of her gang mates, being fought for and wanted by all the bad boys from other schools in town and love's drama.

Does her life really turn out the way she wants it to be?

There is a story behind every delinquent.

And Reagan's one happened to be for the worst.

Meet the First Ever Delinquent Girl, Reagan Ivory Anderson.

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alltimealyssaaa alltimealyssaaa Jul 18, 2017
Oml can we just talk about the amount of times I was reading a good book until she started crying twice every damǹ chapter...
KILLME_12337 KILLME_12337 Dec 06, 2017
My heart says weird but my head says yaaaaaaaaassssssss!!!!!
_Thornless_Roses_ _Thornless_Roses_ Dec 06, 2017
Oh myyy godddd I just realized that Cara looks like Ashley Benson from pretty little liars
Tabycat12345678910 Tabycat12345678910 Jul 20, 2017
I have ballerinas (in your faces! I thought ahead!) moi hahahhahahahhahahahahah *que me telling evil minion to shut up, and continuing the evil laugh
_Thornless_Roses_ _Thornless_Roses_ Dec 06, 2017
"Have they never seen a girls before"
                              I read this in almost every book
alltimealyssaaa alltimealyssaaa Jul 18, 2017
I absolutely hate when one shoe takes like 10 minutes to put on and the other you can just slip on, I thought that was just a me issue though 😂