Adapting (A Daryl Dixon/ The Walking Dead Fanfiction)

Adapting (A Daryl Dixon/ The Walking Dead Fanfiction)

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Marie Bingham By ree_louise Completed

I am forced to live against my will, with people I barely know. Everything that I've ever loved has been taken away from me, leaving me to survive with a group of strangers. All I want is a reason to live, and maybe he will be my reason.

Gemma Jenner is the daughter of Dr Edwin Jenner of the CDC, who is attempting to find a cure for the apocalypse. When a group of stragglers approach the CDC for answers, they take them in. However the group discovers that the answers are not what they expected and what they were looking for. 

When the death of her father forces her to survive with this group, she reluctantly begins to make connections with these people, amongst them Daryl Dixon. Gemma and Daryl are polar opposites and seem to be everything the other hates. But will the current situation of the world draw them together and help them see past their differences?

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So I literally just started reading this. And I am already obsessed because I love the viewpoint on the story. Not once have I found a Walking Dead fanfiction where it's his daughter
So I am guessing she has a drinking problem? I am so looking forward to finding out more of her back story.
MLGstrider MLGstrider Jul 17
Hi again I really like the Intro did you come up with the song also
I just found your story and can't wait to keep reading... I'm obsessed with it already!!! Love that it's from someone new's perspective. 😊
- - Jun 19
The moment I realized I was in love with Daryl xDD his snark is great
I don't see the problem with that answer. It's still good to know, I mean wouldn't you want to know how many people of a group got or is infected