The invisible girl (on hold)

The invisible girl (on hold)

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My By Mylovesmusic4444 Updated Feb 18, 2016

Rita Crystal is practically invisible. 

She's too plain to be remembered by anyone other than her abusive father who harbors hateful feelings toward her and she doesn't like to call too much attention to her unless absolutely necessary.

All her life, she's never had anyone besides her father recognize her after a week without seeing her, but what happens when four of the most popular boys at her new school start noticing the invisible girl?

How will this story of Rita's play out?

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BoomerT2016 BoomerT2016 Mar 29, 2017
Bare... Like no clothes. 
                              Bear. Animal or bearing a weight... Or more than I can bear...
Cassidyp99 Cassidyp99 Mar 08, 2017
Lol well I'm still interested in reading this so I don't know why you think it's so bad 😝
CNBcorrine CNBcorrine Mar 24, 2017
Thank god I thought I was the only person on earth who doesn't believe in love ( u know I being dramatic right like there's other people but not a lot)
Suga_rFree Suga_rFree Apr 14, 2017
Hmmm. I'm imagining Nina Dobrev or Ariana Grande. Or Vanessa Merrell. :p
phsyco_otaku_killer1 phsyco_otaku_killer1 Oct 21, 2017
No offense but yea Rita. Just shut your pie hole and pack. I find it annoying when people ask 'why?'
steamyfictioner21 steamyfictioner21 Nov 28, 2016
What kind of late notice is this?!? I would so need more time to pack my things like sorry but your gonna have to buy me a different flight time cause I will not be leaving anything behind