Blondie | Bellamy Blake |

Blondie | Bellamy Blake |

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The Ark. The place where the human race escaped to before Earth was destroyed and classified unlivable after the nuclear war. The place where any crime was punishable by death. Also the place Deserae Thorne considered a living hell.

Deserae was not one of the privilaged. It was always her and her mom until her mom landed in a coma. And trying to get her out of it is what got her locked up. That is what also got her thrown on a drop ship thats last destination was a radiation soaked planet that no one knew if it was survivable. 

So what do you do when you get sent down to a planet you will most likely die on? You put your your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye.

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ifiwereafroy ifiwereafroy Nov 29, 2017
when you're listening to the shake it up theme song and you see thorne
Mioishome Mioishome Aug 25, 2017
Okay, it's obvious the author is trying, why do people keep correcting them? I mean really, it's not like we all have perfect grammar all the time.
TheFandomQueen__ TheFandomQueen__ Sep 12, 2016
If you put part of Bellamys name and her last name together you get Bella throne as in bellella throne if anyone knows that😂
styxgonecrazy208 styxgonecrazy208 Apr 26, 2016
I mean I get it that it's horrible and everything but she seems so weak and helpless
elle2802 elle2802 Dec 15, 2016
Just want to start off by saying I'm only reading this bc my name is as long loulou so idk
pattyclark7374 pattyclark7374 Aug 12, 2016
As I watched the episode for like the 7th time I kept saying 'in 97 years but you know, close.'