Dmmd x Reader Oneshots

Dmmd x Reader Oneshots

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ZombieChild By ZombieChild Updated Oct 19, 2015

I'm Typing on my phone so sorry if its bad and if there's grammar issues cx.


It had been a long day for you, to start off you're horrid day you woke up with horrible back pain, and your feet hurt like you had just walked on them for 50 miles. The reason you were so sore is because you, and you're best friend (Best Friends name) decided to go for a 5 mile hike in the mountains and got lost, you both ended up getting home at 12 o'clock at night. On a work night.

After you woke up you took a cold shower to try too wake yourself up, but it only helped a little. After getting dresses in a (f/c) crop top, and a high waisted black skirt that went just above your knees and put on some all black All-star Convers you headed out.

While you were heading home from work you had to always go through this super ghetto alleyway and unfortunately there was no shortcuts. "Oi! (Y/N)!" "Not these guys again.." You thought to yourself as they approached you. They w...

The description in hobbies is all me!
                              My entire life actually.
It's dark blue and i should know it.....because i have that Dramatical murders yaoi game😅
(_ _;)
                              I'm triggered for some reason
                              Oh wait, I dont like mint ;^;
FaiRune FaiRune Nov 19, 2016
I actually saw it dark blue too.... But I think my bestfruend us blind when she say dark
XxFanfictionMasterxX XxFanfictionMasterxX Jun 29, 2016
It's like my cousin and her boyfriend, she is like 160 cm and he is like 180 cm. It's so cute when they kiss