Wolf baby

Wolf baby

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briaaaaa99 By briaaaaa99 Updated Jan 01

After a one night stand. Spencer finds herself pregnant and has know idea who all the Father is. She only remembers the sky blue eyes that caught her attention.

Spencer just got out of high school she is a free women now and hopes to start collage soon. But after her friend Mia takes her out for celebrating just starting a new year. 
let's just say things don't as planned.

Zander is the next Alpha King in line. Zander finds himself at a party with some of his buddies. And hopes to get lucky. After having a little to much to drink (a lot)
He doesn't remember anything from that

Can Zander find Spencer? Can Spencer raise a baby on her own. Or will there be some problems lurking around.

Sounds stupid but 
its my first book ever written. So please give it a change. It will get better!
*Slow updates! Like snail pace slow!*

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JackCross500 JackCross500 Mar 13, 2017
its realy  nice better then my storys and thx for makingthis awsome story
A little editing and this book will blow the charts to pieces.
Xdream-catcherX Xdream-catcherX Nov 09, 2017
Ok some words are missing in the story, I think maybe your brain is working a little to fast for your fingers, and you used the word “I” a little to many times, repetitive words can get boring. Other then those I didn’t notice much needing improvement. 👍🏼
ReneeMerino ReneeMerino Mar 16, 2016
She won't get the symptoms until about two to three weeks after her fancy night.
mema1mema2 mema1mema2 Aug 22, 2015
ok so far but your brain and fingers are working to fast and your leaving words out of your story.
TabithaGrayson TabithaGrayson Feb 16, 2015
Hey. I really love the picture for Spencer. Just thought you may want to know the girl in the picture is Emily Rudd. Just in case you wanted another pic. I use her in a lot of my stories too. So far I'm loving the story . Keep up the great work please.