(Set To Be Rewritten)Straight and kidnapped by him (ManxMan)

(Set To Be Rewritten)Straight and kidnapped by him (ManxMan)

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Jacob Twist, A handsome nice guy who is positive that he is one hundred percent straight.  He works at company and lives at a normal village with neighbors who were friendly. Jacob never had a girlfriend because his family always told him that he needs to finish collage before he gets a girlfriend.  Jacob also believes that if you're his girlfriend then your lips can only be kissed by him. In short, He's very possessive when it comes to love. What he doesn't know is he'll end up with a man.

Andrew, a gang leader who was also positive that he is straight and not gay. That is until he set his eyes on the lovely being that is called Jacob twist. He fell in love instantly and he switched from straight to gay in a matter of seconds. Andrew never had a good past that's the reason he's stuck with being a gang leader but that will surely change soon.

How they met?

Well, Jacobs was Straight and Kidnapped by him, by Andrew.

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gita_1960 gita_1960 Aug 01, 2016
Your points are so true ....
                              Hahahahahahaha n u observed others story well....hahahaha like ur points
Artisticblue21 Artisticblue21 Jul 16, 2016
Hahahahaha love it when people go off on random stuff like this. It's sooooooooo funny!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Exactly OMG no lie! Thank you atleast there's someboby out there who agrees with me god!🙏
Athenues Athenues Dec 28, 2015
Thank goodness..... I'm  loving you already😘😘...  We need more writers like you😃
OneDirectionFans97 OneDirectionFans97 Sep 23, 2015
Yeah that's right.
                              You should be teaching another writers how to make a GOOD kidnapped story.
grandeforlifey grandeforlifey Jun 22, 2015
oh my . God. ...I LOVE YOU ALREADY!!!!!!! I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!☺