iTs Disgusting That I Love You.

iTs Disgusting That I Love You.

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DirtyDianaa By DirtyDianaa Updated May 01, 2010

Chapter 1

~ Friday, April 30th 6:50 am ~

"Brookelle! Brookelle!!" Was the first thing she heard early Friday morning other than her noisy alarm clock. She immediately jumped up from her pillow to meet Josh's blue green eyes. "Well good morning..." She whispered. Josh chuckled at how wild her long dark hair looked. "Good Morning Sis, now get up before you late to school. We have to get Cheals on the way." Said Josh as he gotten up from Brookelle's dark pink bed set. Her room was painted teal (her favorite color) with dark pink and peach orange as the theme colors. Brooke moaned. "Ughhh finee." She got out of bed and turned her alarm clock off. "Well, you have to drive." She went straight to her big closet and picked out an outfit. "Perfect." She though to herself as she through her new outfit on her bed. "Fine. Just hurry up hoe." Josh replied snickering at his own joke. "Fine, Penis. Now get the hell out my room so I can change." He stood right behind her, following her every move. "...

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