Military Mate

Military Mate

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RavenCrimsonRose By RavenCrimsonRose Updated Nov 11

Gem Davis has always known she was different. 

    She's always been stronger and more in tune with her senses then the people she knows. After having a freak accident in the military, she decides to come back home to California. 

     But now after she's returned, things seem different. People keep smelling the air, and speaking in strange terms... After a while, things start coming to her. After meeting a random stranger in a local coffee shop, she starts getting unwanted attention. 

      Of course, with her military dog tags always on her, her icy glare, and shaven but smoothed down mo-hawk she's not an easy figure to scare... So, when this random stranger starts following her around, and calling her his mate she gets a little curious. 

 So the question is, how will she deal with her Alpha Mate?

_Percabeth_ _Percabeth_ May 17
Shouldn't she have tried for the navy if the missed the water?
                              But eh, the navy is arguably tougher so I guess not.
Can't wait to be a soldier!!!! But love the chapter what if he is a playa dont wanna mess with any military personnel
12Rayne 12Rayne Apr 11
Apparently he didn't get the force that knowledge so he remembers
_Percabeth_ _Percabeth_ May 17
Not saying stronger, and I respect anyone who survey but a lot of people can't take being the navy. A lot more in the Navy die because their often first wave.
                              Lol  I don't want to argue, I'm just putting this put their so nobody gets mad XD
kdjoule kdjoule Nov 29, 2015
I love this book is so different from all there others I have red and I can't wait to read more I bet it'll be amazing
TSILVA3 TSILVA3 Nov 14, 2015
She looks fake, like her face looks too smooth, that kinda thing