My Unordinary Mate

My Unordinary Mate

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Lux Raider is a 17 year old senior. Her parents are Lily and Brayan but you know whats weird she human and they kept the mystical world a secret from her.
She is very hyper,energetic,caring,short,feisty,smart girl. The only power she got is to communicate with animals that's all. Lux love werewolves and wish they were real.

Caden Dawson an arrogant,possessive,protective,jerk,player,alpha.He runs the pack second most powerful pack is the red shadow moonlight pack. Hes waiting for his mate. He did give up finding his mate if only he had more luck. He will flirt with any breathing girl honestly.  Only if he knew that his mate was coming soon.

Lux had to move for her dad "business reason(actually for his pack). Lux cant wait but does she know whats waiting for her there nope just clueless. Especially Caden will fate change his player ways for his unordinary human mate or keep his personality the same.

Come along with a them with an adventure with rouges, The woods, Hopeless romances , and awkward moments a lot of it too. This is My unordinary mate.

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Teacher: get your math sheets out.
                              Me: *slams head on table*
Love how you made it to where she found out he was a werewolf so quick