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The BadGirl and The Badboy

The BadGirl and The Badboy

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Baby Rae By unknown_panda_lover Updated Apr 07, 2016

Westlake High School, has over 2,000 students it's your typical cliche school with the nerd's, goth's, emo's , geek's, popular's, and of course there's many more but there is one group that everyone wants to be friend's with, they don't have a name, but people call them the kak-os' (kak-os' is greek meaning bad) There are 4 boys and 3 girls. Tyler Jones, Sean Isaac, Austin Nichols, Jackson Bell, Vanessa Jackson, Sonny Spencer, and Lea James they smoke cigarettes, get high, get drunk, and always know how to have a good time.

Samantha Lewis is the badgirl at Stuyvesant High School, is notorious for pulling pranks, smoking marijuana, sniffing crack, drinking liquor, be the most fun at parties, also being the class clown, cussing teachers out, getting into fights, and even punching the principal, but most importantly being  Theo Jones, the high school's quarterback girlfriend, but what she doesn't know is he is cheating on her with her best friend Zoey Brooks, but what happens when she finds out? What happens when she finds out she is moving? Will she like her new high school? Will she like the kak-os'? When she meets Tyler What will she do? All these question's will be answered in the story.

Wolf-of-the-night Wolf-of-the-night Jun 01, 2016
UR moving just a fyi. Technically I didn't spoil cuz it's in the description
mnknmnkn mnknmnkn Feb 16, 2016
She should be pissed...the girl is her "bff" yet she still slept with her boyfriend... Don't matter if she loved him or not, you don't do that
elmo2321 elmo2321 Jun 27, 2016
Lol Omgoodness I would be angry at my best friend 😂😂😂tho she is right guy is a jerk
basicality basicality Dec 13, 2015
When you say Stuyvesant High School, are you referring to the the one in nyc? LOL
unknown_panda_lover unknown_panda_lover Mar 14, 2015
@Rutaaa12 and its not annoying its nice to know that ppl like my books (^-^)
unknown_panda_lover unknown_panda_lover Mar 14, 2015
@Rutaaa12 yea i am its just im been busy ill update probably next week