Finn The Human x Reader ~ lemon

Finn The Human x Reader ~ lemon

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ATmaddie By ATmaddie Updated Dec 14, 2014

*warning this is a lemon but of course the story's building up. So errmm, if you don't like lemons go away :| *

I walk the candy forest, looking for some prey to hunt with my newly crafted bow. Anything would be good right now, a rabbit, maybe an injured deer. It honestly doesn't matter unless it doesn't trade in the market.

The area looks untouched. No animals have came to claim this land as their own, marking trees or making dirt. But of course, it's hard to tell because I'm used to actual woods rather than this candy wonderland. Too bad only candy flesh sells, not the sugary tree bark or grass. Oh well. I'm smarter than to waste anymore time here. 

I turn around and follow my path back. The forest seems oddly quiet. No birds were chirping or bugs buzzing. But suddenly, there was a snap. I double check my footing and all around me. Then there he stands, in shock behind me.

This guy seemed to be my age, 15 gyears old. He wore a white hat with two "ear" looking things on the top, a...

I luv lemons in rl cuz deh my fave fruits
                              This is more reason to love em 🍋
Dragonkid42 Dragonkid42 Jun 24
Mega man- 1-6
                              Mario- almost all of them
                              Pokemon- most of them
                              And Petz Dogz 2
Ooohhhh... I guess next we SMASH BRO!
                              Super Smash Bros anyone?
Well. Is there going to be Lemon Grab?  Sorry if I spell wrong
KenwaysFrye KenwaysFrye Jul 06, 2015
                              Finn: COME ONE, COME ALL, TO THE KINGDOM OF GAMES!
                              ME: *WHISPERS LOVINGLY* take me with you! :3
                              You + Finn = Mathematical Luvs :3