Back in Nappies

Back in Nappies

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Scarface365 By Scarface365 Updated Jul 05, 2015

Michael has been through a lot in his life and he has made many mistakes and many poor decisions. However, the problem starts when his mother, Fiona, realises that nothing has changed. That is when she is forced to try the only thing left available for her use. Embarrassment through the punishment of wearing nappies again.


This story is completely fictional, and any people or events in it that may be much like something in real life did not come from real sources. I assure you that such things are purely coincidental. This may have occurred because I usually like to make my novels as believable and or realistic as possible so that my readers can connect to the characters and events within the story.

Also, this may not be my most favourite genre - in fact I find it a bit odd myself, but I do enjoy exploring different scenarios (why I chose to start my Wattpad account with this story, I'm still not completely sure...) and I try to focus more on different aspects and topics within this particular novel. So that is why my future novels will most likely be quite different.

5SOS_Phandom96 5SOS_Phandom96 Sep 24, 2016
                              This is what happens when people try to REPLACE Karen...
Wintess Wintess Jul 03, 2015
Surface us this a true story, or a fictional tale because there are a lot of similarities between these few pages and my real life
Scarface365 Scarface365 Dec 14, 2014
This is a shout out to flutelover3032 who was the first person to read my story. Don't forget to check out her (I think it's a her - correct me if I'm wrong) stories as well. And also, I'm working on the next chapter.