Mr. Hemmings ~muke au~

Mr. Hemmings ~muke au~

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Angela Hemmings By angela5sauce Updated Jul 30, 2015

Luke Hemmings is the hot new math teacher.
Michael Clifford is the rainbow-haired, smart mouth student.

"You're late. Again."

"What are you going to do about it, Luke?"

"Detention with me after school. And that's Mr. Hemmings to you."

giraffeloverX giraffeloverX Nov 01, 2016
Canadians do this thing called PEDMAS 
                              parentheses, exposants, division, multiplication, addition and substruction.
lashtontrashhh lashtontrashhh Dec 05, 2016
Y'all lucky I have 7 periods and my school gets out at 3:25 but I have to get there at 7:20 smh
My English teachers name is Mrs.Olsen and I don't give one shît, two shît red shît, blue shît how old she is I would throat punch that woman any day :/
-2.5<x<0.5 I think, this took me three minutes to solve and I'm in seventh grade. Michael start paying attention and quite staring at Luke's ass.
Where I am in Australia we have 4 classes all 75 mins long. we have recess and lunch separate. It goes first period, recess (25 mins), second and third period, lunch (45 mins) then fourth period and after that e go home at 3:05. I have no idea how it works anywhere else.
Eclipse45 Eclipse45 Jan 02
I'm in 9th grade (technically year 9 I just live in America so we don't call it that) and our school told us that if we had any tattoos they just had to always be covered