Yin Yang {Ziall Horlik}

Yin Yang {Ziall Horlik}

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Niall was always so positive. He was the one who always had something good to say about people. He's the type of person to be extremely happy all of the time and try to make the best of every situation possible. He was all smiles, butterflies, and laughs. 

On the other hand you have Zayn. Zayn was always negative. He's the type of person to tell you the bad things about a person. He's the type of person to be completely ignorant and grumpy. He makes the worst of every single situation. He was all frowns, dark clouds, and scoffs. 

There just two different types of people who learn to love each other.........eventually

purejeons purejeons Apr 12
I prefer Niall more ._. I can't relate to Zayn because I'm not in age of a teenager.
dereklmaotruealpha dereklmaotruealpha Aug 28, 2016
Oh man what the f*ck. Plz just call the police, some friend, even Louis. Damn boy, didn't see that coming
derppou17 derppou17 Nov 18, 2016
Well, you can't always be TOO optimistic. Or else when all then you hope for goes against you, you'll be highly disappointed.
bcwtfnot bcwtfnot Nov 03, 2016
This is me...all the time....and I'm usually right so, whatever
_April_May_ _April_May_ Aug 21, 2016
Jesus Christ only the first chapter in and I'm already crying
Queenkatishere Queenkatishere Sep 21, 2016
Wow Niall u learned all of that without even talking to her?