Leo x Reader One Shots

Leo x Reader One Shots

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|C O M P L E T E D| 
His curly black hair, the mischievous grin on his face 70% of the time, the way his beautiful eyes that seemed to know what you are thinking before you, something about Leo Valdez charmed you. You wanted to spend all your time with the Latino elf. You loved him, and never will stop.

So, basically a bunch of Leo Valdez x Reader One Shots. WARNING: The following content is extremley CHEESY.  Most of theses characters belong to Rick Riordan because you own yourself!
Thanks for reading

Abbreviation Key
(y/n)= your name 
(l/n)= last name
e/c= eye color
(h/c)=hair color 
(y/g/p)= your godly parent

Oh come onnn Leo are you as pathetically weak as those Aphrodite girls (except Piper)
I guess I am pretty annoying when it comes to Grammar... 😂
YOUR ALREADY MY NEW BEST FRIEND sorry I get hyped up sometimes
                              Leo: *lights himself on fire* YES SHE SAID YES PERCY YOU OWE ME 20 BUCKS
                              Are you sure you aint talking to Calypso?
                              Leo: Why did you have to bring her up?
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Coming to the end after reading all the comments and all I can think is C A M P F I R E  S O N G SONG