Gaining you

Gaining you

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Clara Reed -AKA Michelle Ravenwood- knows that better than anyone else. Not only that her life is being completely driven by her "daddy", but she also has nowhere -and nobody- to go to at the end of a shitty day. With no family, no real friends and no personal life, she feels empty and alone. The only thing good about her, the only thing people are ever interested in -and also willing to pay for-  is her body... And yet, that's her life... A life very different from what she wanted for herself, but still her life. Not to mention the fact that she has no way out of it...
Ron Stark is the type of guy who knows exactly how hard life can be, since he had to take care of his sick mother from the age of twelve. With no father, no siblings and no money, he had to make his way through life kicking and fighting, but that only made him stronger. Now he's exactly where he should be. He has some great jobs, beautiful looks and a hot-bad-boy attitude that has all the girls going crazy. Yet, that doesn't seem to be enough... Not to him... Not at this point in his life.
What can a femme fatale and a bad boy have in common?
More important, what can happen if they meet?
My guess... Sparks will fly...

"Gaining Luck" and "A little Luck" spin-off.©

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