Dragon Princess(on hold)

Dragon Princess(on hold)

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Miyuki Akuma Tenshi By Animegeek0 Updated Aug 27

Every one is so happy Lisanna came back from the 'dead' that they had a party for 6 months and during those 6 months every one has ignored Lucy well except Wendy, Romeo, Mira, master,Juvia, levy, Gajeel and the exceeds. What will Lucy do after she gets kicked out of team Natsu and quits the guild.

So bad at this first story

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TheBatGames TheBatGames Sep 14
How to get revenge: Stick Natsu on a train with handcuffs magically reinforced to be fireproof.
                              Lisanna: Get Gemini to pose as Natsu and break up with her
                              Erza: Buy all Strawberry Cakes
                              Grey: he's cool, so nvm.
Her name should be Celistia because it sounds like celestial
TheBatGames TheBatGames Sep 14
Dovahkiin dovahkiin, doooohvahkiin... "I used to be a Dragon like you, then I took a Fire Dragon's Iron Fist to the knee."
I hate these stories. Lucy wont leave just like that!but please i like it when u have your revenge
TheBatGames TheBatGames Sep 14
Basically, your a World Slayer! (Sorry author, just venting from seeing this a lot, just happened to be this novel)🐲
You know what else is annoying, the shite that's coming out of your terrible mouth right now