Sasaki Senna: The Path We Take

Sasaki Senna: The Path We Take

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Sasaki-Chan By sasaki_Senna Completed

2 and a Half year pass....

Senna finally came back from travelling and brought back someone with her!!!

Senna, became much more stronger than before, though one thing happen is that she seems to act all lazy once in a while and sleeps alot...

Nevertheless, Senna will be serious when she needs to be.

Back in Konoha, together with her renewed form bond, they're gonna go through alot.

Not to mention Sasuke...

'The next time we meet, we'll be clashing blade, I'm sure' 

What's the fate of those two?

[Book 1 is called Sasaki Senna My way of Life...]

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alinauzimaki alinauzimaki Jun 27, 2017
Ya~~your not going do date shikamaru temari.
                              You're going to marry him!!!!!!😆
Well atleast he became hokage even though he did'nt became chunnin or jounin
Mfantasy7 Mfantasy7 Mar 09, 2017
Huh? Since when did she have a brother?!? Is he adopted or blood related?
doomslate doomslate May 31, 2016
Just kinda remembered that even after the end (not including chapter 700) Naruto is still a genin.... wow if he took the chunnin exams I'm pretty sure he'd defeat everyone... 😅
sasaki_Senna sasaki_Senna Sep 12, 2015
Arigato!!! I thought no one would actually remember it, since it was so long ago that I finish the first book... hehe...
tenshi_s tenshi_s Sep 12, 2015
Thank u for making a sequel :) I can't wait for the next update XD