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Love Unspoken (SuFin/DenNor Fanfic)

Love Unspoken (SuFin/DenNor Fanfic)

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Norgayyy By Norgayyy Completed

Tino (finland) and Berwald (sweden) have been friends for a long time, and do everything together. But will their friendship ever be the same if one of them confesses his love to the other?
When terrible things start happening around the Nordic house, no one knows what exactly is happening... but the two friends are determined to get through it. 
Lukas (Norway) has secretly been in love with Mathias (Denmark) for years. He never intended to share that information, but one day it sort of comes out. How will Mathias react to Lukas' feelings? And will they be able to help the other Nordics through the new mystery that unfolds when love and sanity are on the line?

( Mostly Sufin, but Dennor in later chapters)
(I do not own the characters, but the storyline is alllll mineeee)

Lucy312312 Lucy312312 Jan 07
GilZeAwesomePrussia GilZeAwesomePrussia Oct 01, 2016
                              (When I tried writing this at first I wrote saw... 0-0)
_IMadeYouReadThis_ _IMadeYouReadThis_ Sep 03, 2016
I love horror movies until you turn the tv on 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
Greenland_Hetalia666 Greenland_Hetalia666 May 05, 2016
OMG I thought it snowed the other day and I was so exited until someone jad to crush my dreams and tell me it was just sleet
- - Dec 10, 2015
I accidentally read a little if the sequel, but quickly went to the first book because I got scared I would ruin the sequel being like: but ahxhfbfbjd?! I don't know anything!
                              still good though! ;3
MerlinNok MerlinNok Oct 07, 2015
This is probably the 2o'th time I have read this book, I still love it so much. Also it was my first Sufin and Dennor fanfic I have ever read and I remembered having tabs open to Google images with all there names so I would not get confused as much. Ahhhh, I was such a young Hetalian back then.