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Kissing Scars (BoyxBoy/Yaoi)

Kissing Scars (BoyxBoy/Yaoi)

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Amelia H. Vale By Amelia_Vale Completed

  Abused and neglected, scarred and rejected; who in their right mind would ever fall for a traumatized headcase like that? How could someone fall in love with someone when they don't even love themselves?
  Casey Ryan has been trapped in the terrors of his dark mind for four years, ever since the life changing realization of his true sexual preference, and the betrayal of his best friend and the parents who were always meant to cherish him. The years of harassment and bullying soon took its toll on the gentle, soft spoken teen, ending in self hatred and the unfortunately common destruction of self mutilation.
  Beaten down like the ocean carving up a cliff, Casey no longer sees his worth or the worth of his existence. He sees no purpose in living, and is empty of everything besides immeasurable mental pain, morbidly immoral thoughts, and the disfiguring scars that littered nearly his entire body. He lives his life as a shadow of his former self, until he quite literally runs into fate. His life is rattled, his reason tested, and his heart strings pulled to a breaking point, but will the pain endured end in the bliss he so desperately longs for?

flap_jake flap_jake Jun 04
I want to just wrap him up and protect him from the world, I can already relate.
Wow 🙊 what an amazing start!!! I really love you writing style and of course our little cassey 😍 i really feel his pain and totally can relate to all of his thoughts! Amazing, really❗😊
ThatWeirdChick_xD ThatWeirdChick_xD 2 days ago
Oh! I can beat then up! I have a big family and usually physically fight someone every other day sooooo if ya need someone to hurt them. Severely. Just tell me.
LazySide LazySide May 05
I like sitting in thee back but all the populars take the seats in my school.
flap_jake flap_jake Jun 04
Oml I don't even take notes anymore XD I pretend I am and just doodle and scribble quotes. I'm actually quite known for it in my grade.