The Alpha's... What?

The Alpha's... What?

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(Yo this story is really crusty and I promise I am working in editing it - some characters may different as well as the plot line but like I cringe every time I read it, plus I wrote this like four years ago which is a long af time. so please feel free to read but like heads up its cringey af)
 Grace Nickens is part of the strongest wolf pack in America. Located in the chilly state of Washington, the Royal Moon's pack is soon to led by future Alpha, Sam Kourt. 

Sam Kourt is the typical bad-ass soon to be Alpha, but Grace is quite the girl. Her fiery personality, yet compassionate heart leads to an unforgettable and complete mess by the end Sam's 17th birthday bash. 

Of course there is the obvious part where Sam rejects her to keep living the dream of being future Alpha, having sex with random girls, and not being tide down to one mate. 

So that just leaves Grace to do the cliche thing and stay with her Aunt while she tries to mend her broken heart. 

6 months and 3 years is a long time apart. Especially in this case...


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This is just a story for fun! This is just for sharing my cliche werewolf fiction :)