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I Wanna Be Yours {l.s./bdsm/hybrid!louis}

I Wanna Be Yours {l.s./bdsm/hybrid!louis}

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petitelou By petitelou Completed

❝ A heart that would beat, like a bass for his babydoll ❞

Louis Tomlinson, a third person speaking hybrid, has been isolated from the world ever since his alcoholic mother dropped him off at an auction house at the age of four. Being abused almost everyday by the workers at the auction became a normal routine for Louis. For years, Louis has daydreamed about the perfect dom coming in and buying him. But he knew those chances were slim. No one ever payed attention to him as a young boy, and as he grew older they despised the fact that he was there for so long, assuming he was a terrible sub. When Louis turned eighteen, he nearly gave up his dreams of finding a good dom. 

That is, until Harry Styles, famous actor, comes in and buys him. Now, Louis is exposed to a whole new world filled with things he just doesn't understand. Of course, he has Harry there to help him through all of the confusing things. But, having a highly uneducated hybrid isn't as easy as Harry thought it would be.

CREDIT FOR THE ORIGINAL MANIP: yourssincerelylarry

Dead ass just rereading this entire thing because I forgot where I left off. Lmaooooooooo. Love this book too much to just give up.
_Sweet_heart_00 _Sweet_heart_00 a day ago
Am I the only one that actually isn't thinking about how horrible it is but how cute he had to be? Imagine, Louis when was two years old with cat ears and a tail. It's so cute that kills me!😍
my wig is on a different planet after being snatched by this pic
That's the worst thing in the world my baby's jokes no the horror
Can someone please explain what this is ??? I already read the whole fic but ... you know , never knew what this ment
xdentx xdentx Mar 13
okay i cant do this anymore i have to give up on reading here sorry