I Wanna Be Yours {l.s./bdsm/hybrid!louis} (ongoing)

I Wanna Be Yours {l.s./bdsm/hybrid!louis} (ongoing)

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❝ A heart that would beat, like a bass for his babydoll ❞

Louis Tomlinson, a third person speaking hybrid, has been isolated from the world ever since his alcoholic mother dropped him off at an auction house at the age of four. Being abused almost everyday by the workers at the auction became a normal routine for Louis. For years, Louis has daydreamed about the perfect dom coming in and buying him. But he knew those chances were slim. No one ever payed attention to him as a young boy, and as he grew older they despised the fact that he was there for so long, assuming he was a terrible sub. When Louis turned eighteen, he nearly gave up his dreams of finding a good dom. 

That is, until Harry Styles, famous actor, comes in and buys him. Now, Louis is exposed to a whole new world filled with things he just doesn't understand. Of course, he has Harry there to help him through all of the confusing things. But, having a highly uneducated hybrid isn't as easy as Harry thought it would be.

I thought of a specific colour, Crimson, and then I realised.... wrong gender
is it just me or is seven thousand significantly less that fifteen thousand... I'm not an auctioneer or anything but I'm fairly certain auctions are meant to go up rather than down.....
like seriously, what's the point of stating this bid when the other person just placed a bid more than twice as high??
was it meant to be seventeen thousand? or maybe seventy thousand? bc lord knows you couldn't buy Louis' toenail clipping with seven thousand....