Secrets - A Hariana Story {ON HOLD}

Secrets - A Hariana Story {ON HOLD}

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Joules By xDreamerXJoulesx Updated Feb 20, 2015

They are two teens, going to high school. They don’t get picked on regularly, but they aren’t the ones doing it either. They just simply sit in the background. The only classes where they make even a slight impression are their electives, ones they happen to be quite skilled in.

She is the daughter of a rich director who drinks in his spare time, neglects his daughter, and ignores his son - except when he comes to visit from California. Her mother was long gone since eighth grade, and there was no getting her back. Her brother barely calls, and is living his own life, seemingly without caring about her. She lives on her canvas, dances through her music, and dives into the pages of her books, the only things she holds dear.

He is the son of a caring and kind divorced mother, working busily as a boss inside of a rather large company. His mother gives him love more than anything, and that’s perfectly enough for him. He’s a simple guy with a knack for taking pictures, writing stories or articles, and creating music. He's done some bad things in his past, but he's changed.

They meet one year, and he is immediately drawn to her. She however, is taking a long time to fully warm up to him. She won't admit it to anyone - even herself - but she's scared. She's scared of what might happen if she loses another person, what might happen if she grows to close to him, what might happen if he doesn't care at all.

When he starts slowly uncovering the many things she’s hiding about her past, and she starts piecing together clues about who he used to be and what he did, things start to get strange. Very, strange.

When his mom starts getting a rough time at work, and she starts collapsing under the pressure, who will end up saving who?

Note: This is an AU. If you don't ship Hariana, then just imagine the characters as some other people.

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