Despair (Percy Jackson Avengers crossover)

Despair (Percy Jackson Avengers crossover)

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Grief and sadness. 
That is all I felt. 
I could have saved them. 
But now Hazel, Frank, Jason, and Piper were dead. Just because that stupid dirt face had to rule the Earth. At least I still had Annabeth. I have never left her side since the battle in Greece.

But now S.H.I.E.L.D has a interest in demigods. Will the demigods win with their swords or the mortals win with their guns?

Characters by Rick Riordan and Marvel

Sorry for saying this, but all of the above have a better chance of survival then Annabeth. Jason can fly, Frank can shapeshift, Piper has charmspeak and Hazel controls the riches.
- - Mar 06
This is SO stupid! You would think that being a DEMIGOD you would notice a Helicopter flying towards you! Also, it takes more than a dart to take on those two! Hmph! So unrealistic! But, I'm still reading, I want to see if the Author is going to make it seem more realistic.
You think they're AhDh 
TatiaSalvatore TatiaSalvatore Dec 17, 2015
Leo is finding Calypso...Thinks to self: Why did you gods forgot about Calypso?? Why?? You broke your oath(Oatmeal)
BrokenGadget BrokenGadget Aug 12, 2015
I don't think tranqs work that fast even fast acting ones take like a minute or two
cupcake_sunshine cupcake_sunshine Jun 12, 2015
They were out that easy? And wouldn't they see or hear the chopper? They ARE half god, after all.