Rightfully Hers

Rightfully Hers

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Ain't nobody got time for that! By G_xoxo Updated Dec 03, 2017

Sequel to Wrongfully His

Having Carter back as one for the two residing Beta's in Paquete de Lune de Sangre brought on just as many problems as it did triumphs. 

Though some time has past, Nate as well as others fear Carter was just up to his old games with trying to win Jamie back. The Alpha's hot headed ways come back into play when he expects the worst in Carter and doubts his Luna's true intentions. 

With Nate wanting marriage and pups of his own, Carter is pushed to find his own love and move on once and for all for the sake of the entire pack. Desperate to feel wanted Carter finds acceptance in the place he least expects it, in the eyes and heart of a rogue. 

Olivia is the polar opposite of Jamie. She's cruel, she's brutal and she never backs down. This makes Carter's road to love a difficult one and puts Nate on edge when he finally meets his match. 

Life doesn't get any easier when the packs past becomes their present and the trio is faced with more lies, deceit and betrayal. Can they manage to stay together despite all the odds stacked against them?

Can Carter find true love? Will Jamie agree to reproduce with Nate? Does Olivia have good intentions?

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