Ereri one shots

Ereri one shots

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Haikyuu Trash By RaviolliAlienKing Updated Jun 02, 2016

So hi!! :) this is my first fanfic so...i hope you enjoy it!! 

It was Eren and Levi's 2 year anniversary, and they were stuck at home. Right when they were about to go out, it started pouring hard. And eventually the streets got flooded. 

Eren sighed as he looked down at Levi, who was laying on his lap. "Oi brat, what are you looking at?" Levi asked looking slightly annoyed. Eren just smiled 'he looks so cute when he's mad' Eren thought. 

Then an idea came to his mind 'I wonder if Levi is ticklish' he thought for a few more seconds before deciding he would find out. 

Without a warning, Eren started to tickle Levi as much as he could. to his surprise Levi bursted out laughing. 'He can laugh?' Eren thought. Eren smiled. He had gotten Levi to laugh-which seemed impossible. 

"E-Eren! W-what the hell!??" Levi screamed. 

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After an hour of Eren almost killing Levi, he stopped and laid next to Levi on their bed. Eren could hear Levi's heavy breathing. He slowly went dow...

Ann_Jugatsu Ann_Jugatsu Oct 29, 2016
Eren: "Love you"
                              Levi: "Whatever."
                              Me: "Yeah. That's Levi."
                              Eren: "But can you turn on the heater? I'm still cold!"
                              Me: "And that's Eren."