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ben x reader x jeff

ben x reader x jeff

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bell123275 By bell123275 Completed

The next morning its 6:00 am and you yawn. "Why school!?!?" You get up the cold floor hitting your warm feet and you shiver "why cold!!??" ( winny butt XD ) you get dressed in black leggings and a jacket you walk down stairs as quite as you can. Why?! Because your parents are abusive . You look around and sigh in relief as you turn the corner to the kitchen 'BAM!' You are hit in the face by.....YOUR SISTER??? You get up slowly as she shoves you to the ground "stay down you ugly freak!" You stay down as you could feel a bruise on our cheek form slowly.  "I-im sorry" you say holding in tears. "You better be! I dont need your nasty fingers on my clothes! " she kicks you and leaves. You flip her off as she walks away. You get up off the ground and pick up the pencils and bits of paper that you dropped. "Why...." you walk to the door and walk to the door opening it and leave to your bus stop... ( continue?  Leave a comment, follow, heart, etc. Byebye!! And dont hate its my first story )

If my sister slapped me I would slap so hard she would see Jesus and satin at the same time
Yup, My idiot of a Older Sister slapped me the Other Day, And Me being the Savage I am, I looked at her and said,
                              "Was that supposed to Hurt?" 😎😎😎😎😎😎 
My sister slapped me a week ago and me being me i slapped her right back and kicked her boyfriend where the sun won't ever shine
00015631SH 00015631SH Jun 20
i am the eldest so my sistter being almost 10 and me being almost 13 and her weak litle self (which she admits to) is to cared to slap me because she knows if she did i would slap her back harder
IceryR IceryR Jun 30
I dont have a sister,only a step sister who lives with my dads old wife but when my friend came over for a 2 day sleepover those two were terrible!My mom slapped my forhead and me and my friend fought and I cried in my bedroom.
Attackonskits Attackonskits Oct 12, 2016
Me insane? Nooooo! I just have less sanity than most people, that's all!