School Hours (Frerard) [Completed!]

School Hours (Frerard) [Completed!]

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kyara / blue By agender Completed

Frank Iero is just like any other teenager; living a normal life with an absent father and drunk mother. He has been the 'trouble-maker' of the school ever since kindergarten, where he made his title by cutting girls' hairs and pushing

Frank is openly gay and the new art teacher Mr. Way catches his attention, making his purpose to get into Mr. Way's pants, without knowing anything about him. But Mr. Way has secrets, and they both know how dangerous the situation will be, not to mention illegal.

The only thing Frank knows is that he wants Mr. Way, and he'll do anything for his teacher to like him back.

smut warning, first fan fic warning, english-is-not-my-first-language warning, awkwardness-on-the-first-chapters warning.

animeislife993 animeislife993 5 days ago
i got called a goth for the first time by someone who i didn't know like i had my chocked & mcr hoodie on above my uniform tryna be subtle and stick to the rules while listening to mcr and someone goes "GOTH" and i'm like wHat loL TRU
animeislife993 animeislife993 5 days ago
my friend has a crush on this tech teacher (there's different types of tech so idk what he teaches buT) and tbh he's quite hot and young sooo
animeislife993 animeislife993 5 days ago
and he purposely talks to her because he knows that she has a crush on him and finds him hot it's great
sassypantsgerard sassypantsgerard 2 days ago
geesus frank chill alright? alright.I'm glad we had this converation. Okay good.
animeislife993 animeislife993 5 days ago
if i had black hair that wasn't so fuckingg frizzy and i was hot and male, i'd probably look a lil like gee
salemcr salemcr 5 days ago
1/2 the time i say eye-ear-oh, and the other half i say eye-air-oh. depends on my accent (it comes in and out)