A Billionaire's Sweetheart

A Billionaire's Sweetheart

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~Luna~ By Eclipse_Luna123 Updated Nov 22, 2015


Billionaire Jason Santos can have any car, mansion, or island in the snap of his fingers but the one thing he can't have is a mother for his daughter, Celeste. 
Every woman he has ever dated, is only for his money. All he wishes is someone to love him not just for the money but his actual self and his daughter. 
At the same time looking for a nanny for his child, while maintaining a high billion dollar company/industry. 

Ellie Sparks is looking for job. A job to pay her enough for the rent, electricity and water bills, groceries, and clothes. When she sees an ad online for a nanny she decides to apply 
I mean how bad is the kid? 
What Ellie doesn't know is who she applied for 

Will Ellie regret her decision? Will Jason and Ellie will forever be in the friend zone? Or with sparks fly? And why is Celeste distanced from her father? RATED TEEN 
If you are type of person who can't stand grammar mistakes or any other typos this isn't your story!

Dwaler1712 Dwaler1712 6 days ago
Well... I know it used to be like that with live-in maids and nanny's, but thats more than a century ago. Maybe they still somewhere do that?
AgoungBol AgoungBol Apr 17
Why?!?!?😂😂😂😂😂they cant be seeing anyone?!😂
I will call this phone number later today but I am not single so darn I am in a serious relationship with the cookies and cream ice cream in my freezer
- - Nov 28, 2015
i love this story but this story needs to be edite some words are missing and some sentence don't make sense