Pleasures [BTS SPG Fanfic]

Pleasures [BTS SPG Fanfic]

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On PERMANENT HIATUS By SuperNinJaDoo Completed

It was a game that I played, I didn't mean to lose and 
to suffer it's consequences.
I entered a contract
going to highway to hell?

But Is it really Hell?

The person I trust the most sold me to 7 devils disguised as
an Angel including himself.

It was my life at
risk, and pleasure is my only savior...

This is not about the Image
that will be ruined, this is not about
what will happen to me.

This is about the betrayal that happened to me, the thing
that caused me to do this things. But I can't fight back. I can't say no..

They're every word is
like a bible that I need to follow..

Their voice is my

I Hate to say this but I am starting to love this filthy

I am starting to long for what they can give..
I am starting to give up my Pride and
be dirty for their Pleasure..

But this is not just about the contract, or the fear of
being exploited..
This is not just about me.. 

This is about being the pleasure giver of the 7 Handsome
Alpha Devils.
This is about my pain, My Longing, My Protection, and the
Love that I am willing to sacrifice..

Am I ready to face this?
Or will I just give the fight for my own pleasure..

Be ready because I am December Trinidad, And I am the Famous
Alpha 7's pleasure giver, their one and only S-x slave.

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Kylo_Kim Kylo_Kim Dec 27, 2017
Sorry mga guys pero akin lng sya cause nakalagay na sa property list niya na ako-.-
chulaaabs chulaaabs Apr 23
first bts story na talagang nainis ako sa character nila😒
aeruymiii aeruymiii Apr 25, 2017
but she still chose to trust you, raphael and the others kaya siya napahamak. tsk tsk
imjiminsjagiya imjiminsjagiya Jul 11, 2016
7 pa nga lang po di na keri ng isipan ko. 12 pa kaya?! OMG haha
sakkiyaaa sakkiyaaa Jul 25, 2016
Alpha bet gamma mangostana 😂😂 grabe epekto ni vaughn sakin shet
dianneriego dianneriego Jul 24, 2016