Knb One-Shot-Male! Reader [Request is open~]

Knb One-Shot-Male! Reader [Request is open~]

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nam-namxp By nam-namxp Updated Jun 18

I do not own KNB or any image, only my oc and plot.

Is taking requests ;)

In this story, Reader will be named 'Mao Shirogo' Kay~? This is because I'm too lazy change my keyboard to and fro just for brackets. (I'm using my phone to update)


This is just yaoi and from my weird imagination of a 14 year old xD. Yes I'm 14 but knows yaoi. Don't judge xD. 

This is Mao Shirogo's (Reader's) Profile:

Hair : Layered Sliver-white (leans more to white) shoulder level with same-length fringe covering right eye.

Eyes : Sliver with faint blue, very faint

Skin : Pale

Body : Small and petite, skinny

Height : 160cm (short for guys but please accept it)

Weight : 45kg 

Age : 14 (2 or 3 years younger than GOM)


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