Staying With Sebastian Michaelis (Sebastian x Reader)

Staying With Sebastian Michaelis (Sebastian x Reader)

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Reyna By ReynaBS Completed

I started writing but no one wanted to read my story. So, I intend to do something that is more interesting and attracting to gain a bit more popularity. So, I do a fanfic. I look forward for ideas from you guys! ;-)

Oh, and do read my other stories. Just completed 2/3 chapters, but hope you like it.

My stories may suck, but I feel like if I could get attention here, I can get attention in regular stories. However, don't mind the death reference.

Helping Savalva

Aaron's Curse and Sara's Love by ReynaBS


Hi, my name is _____. I like cuddles and long walks on the beach. By the way, I came from hell. Wanna hang out sometime?
You know what else is big?
                              Bard's flamethrower, duh
Yooooo, I totally remember that one time I killed my enemy's parents. Ah, a good old walk down the memory lane. I can totally relate to ya, girl