The Time Empress

The Time Empress

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Boxxer224 By Boxxer224 Updated Dec 16, 2016

Imagine one second you were a mere student in the present,the other you were the royal empress of China in a time of the past ,won't that be exciting?Well,not for our dearest Yan Xuan ,its not.

Already juggling with her studies and dozens of part time jobs,she seriously does not need this kind of excitement.Its not good for her heart either .But when life hands you lemons,you make them into lemon juice,same goes to the emperor that will stop at nothing to win her heart,emphasis on lemon juice.

One mistake,one time,one dynasty,one emperor,but hundreds of concubines,will Yan Xuan be able to handle all the plots and twists of the harem,the emperor's love,but most importantly,will she be able to forget her past and accept her fate the Time Empress.

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Stars238 Stars238 Nov 01, 2017
I like the part where you put “ Something was just off with that thing, really off.”  it helps me infer that she might go back into time in this chapter
xxlovereadingbookxx xxlovereadingbookxx Feb 01, 2016
It nice plzzzzzz update it been too long want read more.....
SnickeringFox SnickeringFox Sep 18, 2016
Okay. That... throw me off. Second chapter and torture scene already. But this is makes me curious...
Lynn2828 Lynn2828 Feb 23, 2016
I want to read more and more. ....
                              Thank u for the great work
RoseCakeLover11 RoseCakeLover11 Nov 25, 2016
Wow this is awesome your story is great 👍 I feel like this is a story I will definitely remember😊😌🤗
FarihaTariq62 FarihaTariq62 Mar 19, 2016
                              The story seems awesome. I would love to see how it will go. Please update as soon as you can. I'll be waiting for your upcoming chapter.....