After Sex Talks (Kuroko no Basuke x Reader)

After Sex Talks (Kuroko no Basuke x Reader)

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Shinigami By danchogami Updated Mar 11, 2016

KNB After Sex Talks (N1)

Not only is this one shot the opening to new series of x readers (KnB specifically), but also a belated birthday present to one great fellow

Hopefully, you'll like it :)

No sooner have both of you reached the peak than you back off, panting briskly against each other's mouths. Kasamatsu's arms are wielding your naked body like they wield the guitar, and you can feel his chest rising under you with each breath.

You crack a satisfied smile as you guide his hands down to your hips. He huffs before a small frown appears on his face and eyebrows adjust in disapproval. He feels utterly uncomfortable.

"Yukio, I thought we worked this out." Your voice is stern, but face shows a harmless pout.

"I can't help it.." He objects, red blooming on his cheekbones as he shuts his eyes. He's never been good at approaching girls, what never stopped girls from approaching him.

You can still recollect the day he confessed his love to you, like it was yesterday; it was Christm...

im_bts_trash im_bts_trash Aug 17, 2017
Sounds like something I would say
                              I was closing the door one time and I was like "Oh shít, the fingers almost slammed my door...... wait a second, I meant the door almost slammed my fingers..."
- - Dec 22, 2016
My eyes are so dark brown, it can easily be mistaken for black
neawalker16 neawalker16 Jan 22, 2016
I though of a gold fish when I saw the word gulp. teppi as a goldfish XD
CHINlQ CHINlQ Dec 03, 2015
*has eyes the same color as the never ending void* thanks :,)
anime4life1999 anime4life1999 Feb 14, 2015
HES SO PRECIOUS! Let me love him forever!
                              Can you do a Kise one please? :)
danchogami danchogami Dec 24, 2014
@EnglandsScones my goodness.. I'll have to start using a catchphrase, "Ladies! Hold your noses!" and give out first aid kits xD