Mated To The Alpha King

Mated To The Alpha King

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Jennise By Sannyaahhh Completed

Sample manuscript - 70%.
Published        : 20th November, 2016.
Highest Rate   : #1 in Werewolf
A Royal's Tale Series 1

Do you remember the stories your grandma used to tell you every night about cursed Beasts, village beauties, girls in red capes and wolves in disguises?

Well... they actually did happen.

How do I know?

You'll see.
You will live through it, with me.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

Published (WP)        : 5/01/15
Completed (WP)      : 15/01/16
Cover.                           : Sannyaahhh
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A N  A M A Z O N   B E S T   S E L L E R

TurtlesArePurple TurtlesArePurple 3 days ago
well  s h i t  you guys i guess i'm out. see you in the next werewolf book 👋
jnate101 jnate101 4 days ago
I am so confused with my school because my school can be so stereotypical but at the same time be not so stereotypical and I just don't know anymore
Molly_girl15 Molly_girl15 7 days ago
*Record scratch* "yep that's me, you're probably wondering how I got in this situation"
Crystal Clear... Because she'll always tell that hundred times a day and I always pretend that Im eager to hear her story cause I dont wanna upset her😂
yagirl1 yagirl1 Feb 10
*raises hand* "Ummmm- yeah- excuse me- hi? I'm sorry but I can't really keep one?" *starts breathing rlly harrd* "I mean I don't know if I could do this!!! It's so much pressure an-" *faints* 🤷🏻‍♀️👋🏼
MIND BLOWN 💥💥💥 I thought the author was giving facts about herself until the alpha king part Llf 😂😂